Soothe your soul and clear your mind

As the sun rises over the East Coast each morning, many yoga loving Aussies gather at their nearest beach to clear their mind and body before work. Filling their lungs with fresh sea air and bending themselves into impossible poses that would make Houdini gasp, they start their day with a yoga session in the most natural of retreats.
yoga sunrise

Thought starters

Splendour can arrange for an experienced instructor to take you for an unforgettable dawn session on one of the quieter Eastern Suburbs beaches.  There is something magically spiritual about being present and calm as the first light rises over the horizon and hits your skin.

Care to make a weekend of it?

Let Splendour arrange all the details for a chilled out luxury holiday getaway in the relaxing Blue Mountains. We’ll take care of everything from a private local chef, your yoga and meditation master or a nanny (for the kids, not your hubby) and anything else you may require. Ommmm… sign me up now!

sunrise bondi icebergs

Splendour tailored tours are your luxury tour guide to Sydney. We offer personalised Sydney tours curated by locals for those who like to do things with style. Let us design your private guided tour of Sydney and other amazing Australian locations so you can sit back and enjoy the experience.